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Contents of issue 4, 2017

Kovin V. S., Petrova R. I. Competitiveness in elections to representative bodies in urban districts and municipal areas of Perm region in 2012−2017
Uhvatova M. V. Religion and electoral behavior in Russia: regional dimension
Denisov A. E. Practice of ethnic mobilization through John Hutchinson's theory of nationalism (a case study of the Kryashens' movement)
Prokhorenko I. L., Kharitonova E. M. The conceptual and categorial thesaurus of articles on nationalism and ethnicity in English-language academic journals
Vitkovskaya T. B. Internal structure of local legislatures: types of deputy groups (a case study of the Perm region)
Lugvin S. B. Formation of the patrimonial context of the soviet bureaucracy in the etatist system of political management
Ananina K. A. Factor analysis in political science: challenges of application
Minaeva A. V. Russian populism: political reality or future outlook?
Balakina Ju. V., Dadashova S. E. European Migration Crisis in British Institutional Discourse on the Eve of Brexit
Alikin A. . Soft power and normative power of Europe: genealogical origins of the two concepts of soft power in international relations
Zaytsev S. Yu. The main ways of interpreting the phenomenon of transnational corporations in social sciences

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