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Contents of issue 2, 2018

Strezhneva M. V. Parliamentary networks in transnational economic governance
Butenko V. A. Migration policy of the European union in the context of globalization
Miroshnichenko I. V. Spatial image of Europe in Russian youth notions: on the results of empirical study
Vasiukov O. D. Movements for recognition: politization of sub-ethnic groups in East-Central Europe
Barandova T. L., Baturina N. I. Effects of symbolic policy towards Catalans in Spain (case of visual image)
Yefimishch N. M. The past in constructing national identity: grand narratives of Ukraine
Ponomarev N. A., Baltodano Usarov A. S., Neshkov S. V., Mailis A. A. Organization of the infrastructure of protest action (case study of Euromaidan)
Smirnov V. A. Sociological portrait of candidates and winners of elections for the post of head of local self-government in modern Russia
Kaniukov A. N. To convince the Russians. Structure of persuasive influence in shaping image characteristics of St. Peterburg legislative assembly deputies
Kiryanov I. K. A suit jacket in parliament: trial by postmodern
Lunkin R. N. Russian orthodoxy facing social challenges: volunteering and christisan rehabilitation of risk groups
Groysberg . I., Kondratieva K. S., Skiperskikh A. V. J.-J. Rousseau vs B. Constant: the failed dialogue on freedom
Dumler D. A. The review of the Internet-resource The Russian idea
In Memory Of Oleg Borisovich Podvintsev

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