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Contents of issue Ļ4 (28), 2014

Public policy, political decisions and political cources

Panov P.V. Regional Authorities Strategies in the Heads of Municipalitiesí Elections in Perm Krai
Vavilova V.V., Myalenko Yu.V., Kaygorodova A.F., Korotayeva Yu.V., Plotnikova A.A., Prizyuk V.Ya., Shipitsina A.N. The adoption of political decisions in the urban agenda in Perm: actors and power forms
Miroshnichenko I.V. Networking effects and results of modern public policy
Klimovich S.A. Coalition building in Germany: understanding algorithm, forecasting outcomes

Parties and party policy

Sirotkina E.V. The party systemís institutionalisation: measurement based on the stability of electoral support of parties
Umanetc V.D. Representational activity of new Russian political parties

Governor corps

Sergeev S.A., Zinnatullin A.Z. Gubernatorís corpus in 2005 Ė 2012: career trajectories
Skiperskikh A.V. Gubernatorial election in the Lipetsk region: local specificity and national trends

Political identities and preferences

Eith U., Mikhaleva A.V. Regional Political Identities and Milieus in Germany. Impacts of the Electoral Law, the Social Strata and the Economic Structure
Ashikhmina Y.G., Podvintsev O.B. Political markers in the positioning of Russianís regions
Lisiy O.A. Discursive formation of European identity in the UK (based on the MEPs Facebook accounts)
Bogachev M.I. The correlation apartment to the church and political preferences of orthodox believers

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