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Contents of issue ¹2 (14), 2011

Nikolaev I.V. Language fashion in the Discourse of Russian Authorities
Kovalenko E.N. The Key Concepts of Russian Feminist Political Discourse in the Internet
Lyabukhov I.V. Image Component in the Foreign Policy Concepts of the Russian Federation
Fadeeva L.A. Struggle for the Construction of Regional Identity: Perm Case
Petrenko E.O. History Textbooks as an Instrument of National Identity Formation on Post-Soviet Space: Kazakhstan Experience
Semenova D.M. The Image of “Enemy” in Russian Political Identity Constructing by Russian Orthodox Church in the second half of 2000s
Schubenkova A.Yu.,Guvakov V.I. Designing of the Country’s Futures Concepts as a New Institution for State and Civil Society Communication in Russia
Gnatenko A.A. Inefficient Institutions and Trade-off Policies towards Interest Groups in Russia, 1990’s: a Case of Privatization
Tyrina E.I. Electoral Ambitions of Construction Lobby in Prikamie
Boyarova A.B. Updating the Theme of Governors’ Elections in the Context of Current Political Situation in Russia: a Temporary Relapse or a New Trend?

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