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Contents of issue ¹1, 2018

Sulimov K. A. Systems of consultative and advisory bodies in contempopary Russia as institutional conditions for co-governance: between unification and diversity
Mirovednikova A. V. Quality of electoral processes and voter turnout: analysis of 2015–2016 regional and Duma elections in Russia
Krikunov P. G., Shkel S. N. Protest activities of the population of Bashkortostan in comparative perspective
Sokolovskiy K. G. «Traditional» and «Non-traditional» religious: positioning in the system of state-confessional relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Venidiktov S. V. Efficiency, openness, multiplicity: media sustainability of the Eurasian Economic Union

Memory Policy

Malinova O. Yu. Strategic culture and frames of collective memory (the case of Post-Soviet Russia)
Plotnikov D. S. Changes in «politics of memory» of the Post-Soviet Russia's allies after 2014
Vasilkovsky S. A. History state exam as a tool for forming the repertoire of the usable past
Okunev I. Yu., Eryashev N. I. Historical narrative of “Capitalness” and the formation of Samara residents’ identity

World Politics

Shibanova N. A., Penkovtsev R. V. Competition or cooperation: the dual nature of economic relations between the USĄ and China in the context of globalization
Mikhailenko E. B., Verbitskaya T. V. Formation and development of the paradiplomatic activity of the Sverdlovsk region (1991 – present time)
Nazarova A. K. Problems of coordinating external economic strategies of the EAES states in interaction with China

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