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Contents of issue ¹1, 2017

Telin K. O., Polosin A. V. The Crisis of Stateness: Capacities and Perspectives
Pakhalyuk K. A. WWI in the Context of the Cultural Dimension of Russian Foreign Policy
Kuznetsova A. V. Nationalism and Revolution: the Case of Mexico
Knurova V. A. Information Functions of a President as a Political Leader
Gulina E. V. Regional System Stability through the Balance Homeostat: a Case Study of Central Asia
Tuzovskiy A. S. GR-Technologies in the Activity of Regional Chambers of Commerce

Political Stability: Cnallanges and Responces

Davydov A. A. Has Democratization Disintegrated Iraq? The Role of Promoting Democracy in the Process of Iraq’s Disintegration
Poroshin A. V. Influence of the Constitutional Design on Longevity of Single-Party Dominance
Isobchuk M. V. Party Systems and Stability of Ethnofederalism

Sub-National Politics

Podvintsev O. B. “Resettlement Areas” within “National Outlying Districts”: Contradictions of Sub-regional Structures of Russian Republics
Shevtsova I. K. “We Will Help Local Authorities – Local Authorities Will Help Us”: Patron-client Relations and Control under Private Firms
Mikhaleva A. V. On the Question of the Relationship between Ethnic-Religious and Territorial Identities of the Komi-Permyaks in Perm Krai
Miroshnichenko I. V., Ryabchenko N. A., Yachmennik K.V. New Network Actors of Local Policy in Contemporary Russia

Electoral and Party Politics

Lyubarev A. E., Kovin V. S. The Study of Combined Elections: Political Parties in the Perm Region Elections of 2016
Tikhonova L. E. Positive and Negative Electoral Activity of Citizens of the Russian Federation in 2013–2015
Sumaneev I. A. Effective Number of Parties: the Case of Austria

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