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Issue ¹1, 2017

   Tuzovskiy A. S. GR-Technologies in the Activity of Regional Chambers of Commerce
    The article assesses the applicability of foreign theories about the determination of the behavior of interest groups to the Russian practice of universal business associations’ influence on public policy. Through the example of regions of the Siberian and Volga Federal Districts, the author shows the influence vectors characterizing the impact the density of interest systems and information openness have on GRtechnologies, which are necessary for the implementation of the niche of the Chamber of Commerce. The author proves the idea about logic of differentiating interest groups’ niches penetrating into the activities of regional Chambers of Commerce. The paper presents the author’s view on the problem of transparency of the results of cooperation between business associations and authorities.
   Key words: GR; lobbying; business association; group of interests; stakeholder; niche theory.

Contents of issue ¹1, 2017