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Issue 1, 2018

   Sulimov K. A. Systems of consultative and advisory bodies in contempopary Russia as institutional conditions for co-governance: between unification and diversity
   The article examines the institutional conditions for co-governance in contemporary Russia. In the country, there is a set of extremely numerous and various consultative and advisory bodies. These bodies take the role of consultative institutions, whose members represent the society and are affiliated to the government directly or implicitly. Consultative and advisory bodies are in the focus of academic and expert, as well as state interest. The federal center implements a unifying policy promoting their subjectivity (agency). However, this policy concerns only some segments of the set of consultative and advisory bodies, and hence is selective. This selectivity frames the structure of the bodies. The article claims that the key condition for ensuring the productivity of consultative and advisory bodies is the subjectivity of stakeholders as members of these institutions. A case study of regional consultative and advisory bodies in inter-ethnic affairs demonstrates various ways of developing subjectivity.
   Key words: consultative and advisory bodies; public councils; co-governance; public administration; subjectivity/agency; mechanisms of interaction.

   DOI: 10.17072/2218-1067-2018-1-5-23

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