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Issue 2, 2018

   Smirnov V. A. Sociological portrait of candidates and winners of elections for the post of head of local self-government in modern Russia
   In the article features of participants of elections at local level in modern Russia for the period from 2007 to 2017 are considered. Based on the analysis, conclusions are drawn about gender and age characteristics, professional status of election participants. In addition, the article analyzes the political identity of participants and winners, justifies the conclusion about the transformation of the institution of "selfnominees" in municipal elections, pays attention to individual operations in management systems in the context of individual regions of the Russian Federation. As an information base, an array of information about candidates and election winners collected from the official website of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation for 10 years is used. The total volume of the information base is 85 790 records. The analysis made it possible to identify the fact that an important feature of the municipal management system is the high age level of participants and election winners. Equally important is the fact that the system of local self-government is often viewed by the participants in the elections as transit locality, meaning either as a social "springboard" for a political career or as an opportunity to complete such a system.Another trend identified in the course of the study is a sharp decline in self-nominee candidates in recent years, which confirms the hypothesis that the local government system in Russia is more the continuation of state power than the actual selforganization of residents of a particular territory. The conclusions presented in the article make it possible to identify certain problems of the development of the system of local self-government in modern Russia, to formulate key tasks and social actions aimed at increasing the efficiency of municipal power.
   Key words: system of local self-government; elections for the post of head of local self-government; political identity

   DOI: 10.17072/2218-1067-2018-2-106-123

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