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Issue 1, 2017

   Miroshnichenko I. V., Ryabchenko N. A., Yachmennik K.V. New Network Actors of Local Policy in Contemporary Russia
    The article deals with the network resources for the development of local policy in modern Russia, influencing the formation of political subjectivity of local communities, as well as mechanisms of their interaction with other actors in public policy aimed at developing and implementing solutions to public issues in communities. There are such new actors of local policy as modern networks (networks of civic engagement) and postmodern networks (discursive networks, crowdsourcing networks and civic applications network), which give the policy a network character, producing a variety of configurations of network structures, mechanisms and types of public activities. The development potential of new actors in local policy is implemented through local self-government bodies creating the technological infrastructure of egovernment, which provides conditions for designing real network structures capable of generating innovative ways to solve public problems in territories..
   Key words: social networks; local policy; civic participation; public; crowdsourcing

Contents of issue 1, 2017