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Issue ╣1, 2018

   Malinova O. Yu. Strategic culture and frames of collective memory (the case of Post-Soviet Russia)
   History is usually considered both a factor in developing strategic culture and a source of empirical evidence about it. However, what actually shapes perceptions of security threats is not ôhistoryö as an objectivist analytic reconstruction of the collective past but some shared ideas about this past. The article proposes a theoretical frame for analyzing connections between history and strategic culture based on the concept of frames of collective remembrance, and tests it on the Russian case. It traces the connections between the transforming frames of remembrance of the experience of the USSR and Russia in the 1990s and the perceptions of security threats by the Russian elites.
   Key words: frame; framing; collective memory; strategic culture; security threats; political discourse; ˝old war

   DOI: 10.17072/2218-1067-2018-1-75-91

Contents of issue ╣1, 2018