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Issue ¹1, 2017

   Lyubarev A. E., Kovin V. S. The Study of Combined Elections: Political Parties in the Perm Region Elections of 2016
    The paper analyzes the relationship between straight-party voting in elections of different levels (federal, regional and municipal) by the example of the Perm region based on correlation and regression analyses, elections to the State Duma, Legislative Assembly of the Perm region and the Perm City Duma being studied. It is shown that in the elections to the State Duma six of the political parties participating in elections at all the three levels received lower results than in regional and municipal elections due to the fact that eight other parties participated in the elections to the State Duma. The losses of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in these elections were mainly related to the participation of “Communists of Russia” while the losses of the RUDP “Yabloko” and the Party of Growth were mainly related to the participation of PARNAS and the REP “The Greens”.
   Key words: elections; political parties; correlation analysis; regression analysis; Perm region..

Contents of issue ¹1, 2017