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Issue 2, 2018

   Lunkin R. N. Russian orthodoxy facing social challenges: volunteering and christisan rehabilitation of risk groups
   The author analyzes the reaction of the Russian Orthodox Church to the social problems existing in Russian society. The system of social service began to revive within the Orthodox Church only in the 2000s. Ordinary parishes started to play a big role as centers of cultural and spiritual life. The examples of Orthodox rehabilitation projects demonstrate that the formation of the church bureaucratic system of social work is combined with the creation of the all-Church mechanisms of social service and is based not only on the administrative norms. The educational activity of the Synodal department for social service helps to train specialists in different spheres that are required by the state and non-government funds. Volunteer projects attracted a lot of new people to the Church, set new aims and goals before Church activists and clergy, thus changing the Church itself, as well as the society around.
   Key words: social activities; Orthodoxy; Russian Orthodox Church; volunteer work; civil society.

   DOI: 10.17072/2218-1067-2018-2-156-171

Contents of issue 2, 2018