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Issue 1, 2018

   Krikunov P. G., Shkel S. N. Protest activities of the population of Bashkortostan in comparative perspective
   The article analyzes the specific features of protest activities in the Republic of Bashkortostan in 2008-2015 in comparison with the neighboring Perm and Tyumen regions. Data analysis was conducted with the application of both quantitative and qualitative methods. To determine the dynamics of protest activities, event analysis was used on the basis of the Integrum program. This helped to make a conclusion about the relatively low intensity of protest actions in Bashkiria in comparison with the neighboring regions. To explain this, the qualitative method was used in the form of informal interviews with civil activists and politicians of the region. Using the analytical framework of C. Tilly, the author concludes that the main factors limiting the development of protest activities in the Republic of Bashkortostan are the weakness of the opposition's organizational and resource base, the lack of mobilization, the ambiguity of the structure of political opportunities, and the volatility of political cycles.
   Key words: event analysis; political protest; mobilization; political crisis; Republic of Bashkortostan.

   DOI: 10.17072/2218-1067-2018-1-39-54

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