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Issue ╣2, 2018

   Kaniukov A. N. To convince the Russians. Structure of persuasive influence in shaping image characteristics of St. Peterburg legislative assembly deputies
   The article examines political communication of the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg of the fifth convocation in 2011-2016. The author identified the deputies being the leaders of the St. Petersburg information space. The deputiesĺ image characteristics and the structure of their persuasive influence aimed at gaining trust and power were investigated with the use of RMI. The author analyzed the power communication discourse of the deputies and clarified the components of an "ideal image". The structure of the persuasive impact of each of the deputies was revealed, the similarities and differences in their activities in political communication were analyzed. As a result, the author presents his concept of the index of populism.
   Key words: political trust; image; Legislature of St. Petersburg; RMI; index of populism.

   DOI: 10.17072/2218-1067-2018-2-124-146

Contents of issue ╣2, 2018