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Issue 1, 2017

   Isobchuk M. V. Party Systems and Stability of Ethnofederalism
    Despite the fact that ethnofederalism is seen as a way to control interethnic conflicts in multiethnic states, ethnofederal arrangements do not always solve this problem successfully. In this article, we investigate how the effectiveness of ethnofederalism depends on such features of party systems as nationalization, fragmentation and volatility. Using ordinal regression analysis, empirical data of 59 electoral cycles in 20 countries with the ethnofederal governnce system have been analyzed. It has been found that a high degree of nationalization of a party system contributes to reducing the level of ethno-political conflicts, but only in case it is accompanied by a sufficiently high degree of volatility and fragmentation of party systems.
   Key words: ethnofederalism; party system; nationalization; fragmentation; volatility; consociationalism.

Contents of issue 1, 2017