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Issue ╣2, 2018

   Groysberg └. I., Kondratieva K. S., Skiperskikh A. V. J.-J. Rousseau vs B. Constant: the failed dialogue on freedom
   The authors examine political texts of the French theorists of liberalism ľ Jean- Jacques Rousseau and Benjamin Constant ľ in the context of the ratio between individual freedom and interests of the state. In their theoretical constructions, Rousseau and Constant have many similarities, as well as certain differences related to the peculiarities of the political situation at the time of their life and work. Their political concepts could undergo some corrections due to the political conjuncture. The intellectuals had to respond to high rates of political transformations, increasing attention to the individual or, on the contrary, to the public interest. The question of the ratio between individual freedom and state interests is still relevant in all polities claiming adherence to democratic principles. Therefore, the study of the dialogue between the two French liberal thinkers resonates with contemporary political practice.
   Key words: power; Đonstant; legitimacy; liberalism; monarchy; Rousseau; sovereignty.

   DOI: 10.17072/2218-1067-2018-2-172-185

Contents of issue ╣2, 2018